About us

Vitaworks strives to develop and provide leading technologies for green chemistry of key food ingredients and biorenewable engineering materials.


Vitaworks is dedicated to provide products made through green chemistry from sustainable and biorenewable resources.

Our Team

Dr. Songzhou Hu, President

After obtaining his Ph.D. from Marquette University and completing his postdoctoral research at Princeton University, Dr. Hu started his industrial career by cofounding Carnitech, Inc. in New Jersey. He was instrumental in founding the first L-carnitine production plant in China. Dr. Hu later cofounded and managed Anichem, Inc. in New Jersey, a leading chemical R&D company. Anichem supports the commercial development of small molecule drug discovery and development in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Dr. Hu is a prolific inventor. He has obtained over 25 issued U.S. patents, many international patents. His broad interest includes amino acid L-valine, the food and feed ingredient taurine, and long chain nylon monomer 11-aminoundecanoic acid and dodecanedioic acid.

Jimmy F. Chin, Vice President for Business Development

Jimmy has been Vice President of Business Development since Vitaworks was founded in 2015. Jimmy has over 40 years of experience in nutraceutical, food, chemical, and pharmaceutical business. Jimmy has held several executive positions and directed business growth through extensive business development, marketing and sales.

Jimmy has an excellent knowledge base of Chinese manufacturers and suppliers for nutrition and vitamins, OTC, and chemical products. As Vice President of Business Development at Watson, Inc and President of Shanghai Freemen USA, he developed business at most major USA nutritional supplements manufacturers and their supply chain.

Jimmy holds a BS Chemistry from Tulane University, and is a US Army Veteran served in Germany. Memberships in ACS, AICHE, American Legion.